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Interview project about migration



Juan and Carla are two people, two ways of transiting, of perceiving the world that converging through the touch give more meaning to their existence. The two meet every day in the subway and at the end they join by chance in a special dance letting their emotions flow as the sea water flows down to the bank and then returns to its immensity leaving something on the beach and dragging with it part of that.



An Architect, Marcelo, arrives in Barcelona with his newspaper. He gets into a taxi and asks the taxi driver, Aparecido, to take him to Plaza Universitad. During the journey he opens the page of the crossword puzzles and asks the driver for help with a word. He gets out of the taxi and walking looses down the newspaper. William, who was sitting in the square, realises that Marcelo lost his newspaper and tries to reach him. He enters the metropolitan but he doesn’t arrive on time and he leaves it on where the tickets are stamped. Mercé, arrives and takes the newspaper into the subway and entertains herself with the crossword puzzles. When she leaves the car she leaves the newspaper in the chair.

Two kids come in with their mom, Fatima, and they continue to fill in the crossword puzzle with her help.

They get off at their arrival leaving it on top of the seats in the waiting area, where, shortly after, Fernando arrives on his wheelchair. He picks it up and takes it to a park. When his friend Francesco arrives, he leaves the newspaper on a bench.

Marcelo, after his long day of work in the BCN center, takes a seat on a bench in that park to check his messages on his cell phone and discovers the newspaper he had lost in the morning. He picks it up, happy, and goes to take a taxi. Coincidentally he stops the same taxi of the morning. Aparecido recognising him and gives the answer to his question, a word in Catalan that means union between people and things: CONNEXIONS.