Photographer and director.

I’ve always wanted to attribute a different meaning to a form from its common one, in order to express a different perspective or concept. 

 The surrealism-pop style is, at the moment,  my preferred way to express my vision of the world, with regard to the hyper-consumeristic society we live in.

My approach turns subjects into new objects. The paradox is not meant to be a pure provocation but perhaps the only means of escape, often by recycling materials that have been consumed and thrown away by people.

The imaginary that I propose springs from the set of relationships that each individual has with his physical and mental environment, with reality that turns into a representation that has the ability to make individuals act in a certain way. 

The contents of the imaginary given by memories, dreams, beliefs, myths and objects have in my opinion a concrete impact on people also on an emotional level. 

The imaginary for me is the substratum of our ‘Thought’ and is composed of dreams, symbols and images that represent a sort of fantasy world that we humans cannot do without.